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Dashland - Just another worthless homepage

14/1/08 - Three years with no update. Poor little website has been forgotten about. Most of my stuff is now on my personal site, or on my blog, which can be accessed from or from blog. Thanks for visiting.

13/1/05 - I added my latest list of books to the book list, for your perusing pleasure. Please use these links :)

09/01/05 - Happy New Year.

For quite a number of people it wasn't such a good new year. Please keep donating to your favourite charities, such as the Red Cross.

For me the New Year has begun, much as the old ended. I'm stuck in a crap job, on crap pay, but at the moment can't find anything else that really inspires or suits me. Hopefully something will come up soon. In the meantime, I might start doing something with my website again...

25/10/04 - Wayne Rooney is a cheat. Be ashamed England and Man Utd fans.

11/7/04 - So it's all over. I've graduated. I've been to Portugal. Had a fantastic time, and saw some amazing football. Sadly I did scan some picture but they got corrupted before I could upload them. Not much has changed on the site, except that I've changed some of the links in the menubar, to keep this up to date as my portal site. I too, have now moved over to using Mozilla Firefox, which is a much better browser.

18/5/04 - Two months and no update. Well, here it is in concise form. Two weeks away from graduating from university. Scary times. After which I'm heading to Portugal for Euro 2004, and ten days of summer, before returning home, finding a job, and starting to save for my year out down under. That's it. I think. Just to spam a few projects that haven't been mentioned in a while, DNWT still needs you. Best IRC community on the www. Secondly those with birds need to visit Tailfeathers, the best online resource for those interested in pet birds. Don't expect too many updates with exams, but please check back, and I will keep you posted. Best wishes everyone.

16/3/04 - Bit late for my birthday, bit early for Christmas, but I really want this. It comes after hearing news, that they are planning on turning the Narnia series into a set of films, to rival LOTR. Not much else to say, except please keep using the Amazon link!. Thanks. Cheers,


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