Matched betting: Free money

Welcome to the world!

Welcome to the world!

A guide to matched betting

Last updated 24th April, 2007

Ever lost money at the bookies? Always frustrated that the bookmaker, the dealer or the person taking the bet always wins? Want to make several hundred pound in a matter of days with only zero to minimal risk? Then why not read through this quick and simple guide to matched betting, and learn how you can easily make hundreds of pounds. How does it all work? Well read on.


This is a guide to matched betting, and how you can make several hundred pounds in a relatively risk free way. The principle of the system is that you make a bet at a bookmakers, usually on a sporting event, and make another bet at a betting exchange directly opposed to your current bet. For example, you bet at the bookmakers on Man Utd v Chelsea, with Man Utd to win, but you also bet at the betting exchange for Man Utd not to win. This second type of bet is called laying a bet and I'll discuss that further later. Once you've done this, no matter what the outcome, you will win, either at the betting exchange or at the bookmakers.

Of course, in this way you won't ever make money, as the money you've placed on a losing bet will be the same as the winnings on your winning bet. For example, if Man Utd did win, you would make money at the bookmakers, but you would lose the same amount of money at the betting exchange. So where do we make all this money? Well, by using this system to place bets and neither win or lose cash, we are able to unlock promotional bets that bookmakers and betting exchanges offer in order to attract new customers. These promotional bets are easy to access sources of cash, as we can also use them to place a matched bet.

So far you may have already grasped the principle, or you may be a little confused. But if your interested, be sure to read on.

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