Welcome to the world!

Welcome to the world!

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Last update: 17th of August, 2007.


I've finally finished my masters, hooray! But now need to find a job. I've added some photos from a recent holiday to Croatia to the photos page.


Loch Leven, near GlencoeI've added photos (in the photo section) of my recent class outing to Glencoe. Most of my other photos are now on facebook and on panoramio, but I try to also post the best ones on my website.

- Close Encounters of a Spatial Kind - My dissertation blog!
- Australia photos
- Friends listing. A small compilation of everyone's website, or personal homespace (bebo, myspace, friendster, facebook). If you wish to be added, or have details amended - just email me. Firstname.lastname@gmail.com (jan.weststeyn is my name).

Feel free to check my journal from time to time, and as a way of supporting this website and you ever need to order products from Amazon, please just click through my associate link (at no cost or impediment to you). I will be extremely grateful.

So enjoy (if you can), and feel free to drop me an email: janATweststeyn.co.uk (replace the AT with an @).

Cheers, Jan


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